Wheel Alignment in Albuquerque

Why do I need to get an Alignment?

Is your car pulling left or right? Do you have to compensate for steering while driving on a straight and level road? Has your tire or tires seen uneven wear and tear?
You probably need an alignment.

If your wheels are out of alignment you can seriously decrease the life of your tires. A proper alignment and balance can add life to your tires.

HawkEye-Hunter-alignment-laser-light HawkEye-Hunter-alignment-boot


Why TKS Automotive for my Wheel Alignment in Albuquerque?

TKS Automotive is your one stop automotive service center. If you are looking for a wheel alignment in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we offer the State-of-the-Art Hawk Eye® Wheel Alignment System by Hunter Engineering. In just minutes, we can give you a complete diagnotic of your current alignment situation. Once we have evaluated your vehicle we can estimate the right service for you.

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Learn more about why you need to have an alignment done by watching this video.


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