Four Car Myths Debunked

Car Myths Debunked

We all have our favorite stories about car care and repair, and our favorite sayings about cars.  Auto repair expert Matthew Wright debunks four common myths in his post on AutoRepair.com:

Car myths are all over the place. Here are four of my favorites that are circulated as wisdom on a regular basis.

1. Rolling the windows down in hot weather saves gas.

I can remember driving around with my father on a hot, Georgia summer day with the windows down, drenched in sweat. As soon as I was old enough to embrace the beauty of the smart-ass question, I asked him, “Dad, why are we driving around with the windows down, do you need help learning the AC?” Instead of pulling the car over and leaving me on the side of a hot, Georgia road, he explained that he was saving money by saving gas.

The air conditioner uses engine power, which wastes gas, he explained.

Sorry Dad, you were wrong! There have been plenty of studies at this point, including the very scientific evaluation seen on Mythbusters, which all show that there is no benefit in gas mileage by driving with the windows down. The loss in aerodynamics produced by an open car outweighs any savings that could have been seen in burned fuel. If you like driving with the windows down, go ahead, but don’t do it because you think you’re saving money at the pump.

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Source:  Four Car Myths Widely Accepted as Truth

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