Do you hear a squealing sound when braking?

Do they make other noises, like a thunk?  Perhaps they cause the car to shudder?

Safe braking ability is critical to your safety. It’s time to get your brakes checked, and maybe replaced.

It used to be simple…

TKS Automotive takes pride in the brake services that we offer.  What used to be a simple operation that could be done in your drive way has turned into something much more complicated.  There are numerous specialty tools that are now needed, and TKS is equipped with the latest tools and equipment to hand these operations.  We thoroughly inspect the entire brake system to make sure we are doing a complete repair. 

Machining your rotors

Most rotors are machined on the vehicle.  This allows the rotor to be matched to the hub and achieve a true “zero run out.”  By achieving a true zero run out it helps reduce vibration in the brakes and helps pro-long the live of not only the brakes but the vehicle as well.  We always clean and lubricate any metal to metal contact points to prolong brake life and keep noise down to a minimum. 

Quality of parts

This has been in issue in the past as well.  Cheaper parts tend to cause noise as well as leave large amounts of brake dust on the rim of the vehicle.  Spending a little more upfront can save you a lot of money and frustration in the long run. 

When you begin to question your brakes, let TKS Automotive inspect them and give you a recommendation on needed repairs.

Or we’ll give you peace of mind if no repairs are needed.

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2015 Corvette Z06 Brake Replacement Costs

We all know original parts cost an arm and a leg, but this is ridiculous:

It’s almost jaw dropping, that a 2015 Chevy Cruze starting at $16,170 is more affordable than the previously listed maintenance parts for a 2015 Corvette Z06. The parts come to a total of $16,730, which is $17,859.96 after taxes, according to a quote posted online from a Chevrolet dealer customer. But hey, pay to play. World-class Brembo hardware isn’t cheap….

Of course, it’s always good to check online:

Of course, there are a cheaper alternatives to dealership prices, as one commenter suggested ordering the parts online instead of the dealership – the total price being $9,900 shipped.

Let’s hope that the labor isn’t off the charts, too. 

If you want performance, sometimes you just gotta pay.

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